Odyssey of
the Dragon

Weekly documentary program
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The program aims to seek answers to the following questions concerning contemporary China: 

  • How did the “Going Global”policy and Belt & Road Initiative drive Chinese capital to go overseas amidst profound changes of global order?
  • What has China achieved in economic development and what challenges does it face? 
  • How does China’s development model differ from those of other emerging and developed economies? 
  • How can international organizations, governments, enterprises, social organizations and individuals work together to advance true “sustainable development”?

The Project
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With a research question-based approach, we visited more than 70 countries and areas to present over 400 bitter-sweet stories on the Chinese corporates and individuals as they go abroad to seek more market opportunities and further development. In the picturesque descriptions of Chinese people trading with the world, Odyssey of the Dragon also includes an analysis of the origins and status quo of the “Bring In and Going Out” developed during the last thirty years of reform and opening-up, as well as a discussion of the challenges China and the whole world face in this influential period of social transformation.

Odyssey of the Dragon has produced over 200 episodes, covering the macroeconomy, business environment and industry trend in Belt and Road countries and gathering first-hand data. With these resources, we hope to provide clear reference to facilitate investment decision-making for firms seeking global expansion, and inform policymaking at UN agencies, industry organizations and local governments to allocate resources more effectively.

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Phoenix Satellite Television

Phoenix Satellite Television began to broadcast on 31 March, 1996, with the philosophy of “reducing the distance within the global Chinese community and expressing the voice of Chinese to the world”, and striving to provide Chinese everywhere with high quality Mandarin Chinese television programming.

The Group’s Chinese Channel, InfoNews Channel, European Channel, American Channel, Movie Channel and Hong Kong Channel are carried on AsiaSat 7, China Sat-6B, EUROBIRD, Telsat-12, Directv, Echostar, G3-C, SATMEX-6, Bell ExpressVU and other broadcasting platforms, covering over 180 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Phoenix has now evolved into an omni-media corporate group, with an internet website (www.ifeng.com), a weekly magazine, an outdoor Mega LED advertising business, and publishing, radio broadcasting and education projects.

Video Archive

Latest Episodes
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Odyssey of the Dragon Teaser
“Road to Development”-“Jointly Benefit Investment”
“Digital Future”-“People Oriented”
“Digital Future”-“Industrial Interconnection”
“Green Gold”-“Government Driven”
“Green Gold”-“Green Insurance”
“Intelligent Generation”-“Technology”
“Under the War Epidemic-M&A Weapon”
“Under the War Epidemic-Data System Epidemic”

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Odyssey of the Dragon: Railway Part 2:Cares of the Wilds
Odyssey of the Dragon: Railway Part 3:Road to the future

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Odyssey of the Dragon: The Pipelines Part 1 :Latecomers Catch Up
Odyssey of the Dragon: The Pipelines Part 2 :Innovative Cooperation
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