The Odyssey
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The Odyssey is a professional platform initiated by a group of experienced practitioners in media and sustainable development sectors.

The platform aims to:

  • Share Knowledge
    Share and promote advanced concepts, operation models and domestic/international standards concerning sustainable development in the fields of international trade, investment, development assistance and cooperation. The platform aims to record showcases relevant practices through media tools, improve the transparency of social innovation and development projects, and enhance stakeholders’ awareness of sustainable development.
  • Facilitate investment, financing and network building for innovative social impact projects
    Provide development financing, resource-sharing and project design services for enterprises, institutions and individuals that initiate social innovation, international development or corporate social responsibility projects.

The Odyssey
Community App

An online platform-based community for stakeholders.

The Odyssey
Community App
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The Odyssey is China’s first development community focusing on international investment and cooperation.

Community partners share mature information and knowledge methods to promote the internationalization and specialization of Chinese brands, reduce costs and improve competitive advantages through resource integration on a global scale, increase awareness of law, labor, environmental protection and common community development; Long-term market development ideas to formulate development strategies.

Odyssey of
the Dragon

A 38-minute weekly TV documentary program of Phoenix Satellite TV, launched in the context of China committing herself to “Going Global” and “One Belt One Road” development strategies in 2016.

Weekly TV
documentary program
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The program aims to seek answers to the following questions concerning contemporary China:

  • How did the “Going Global” policy and Belt & Road Initiative drive Chinese capital to go overseas amidst profound changes of global order?
  • What has China achieved in economic development and what challenges does it face?
  • How does China’s development model differ from those of other emerging and developed economies?
  • How can international organizations, governments, enterprises, social organizations and individuals work together to advance true “sustainable development”?

SEED Institute

Our research arm that assists Chinese enterprises to launch ESG (environment, society, governance)-based corporate social responsibility projects in overseas investment and operation, thereby helping them both globalize and localize.

Sustainable Enterprises for Earth and Development Institute
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Building on the cases our production and research teams studied, we announced the establishment of the Sustainable Enterprises for Earth and Development Institute (SEED) of Phoenix Satellite TV in April 2019.

The SEED Institute brings together various institutions and organizations at home and abroad dedicated to sustainable development, and aims to widely share the rigorous research and in-depth analyses of sustainable development. With these efforts, we are committed to further promoting and accelerating the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through events, reports and media products. We also work with governments, social organizations and other stakeholders to provide integrated solutions to enterprises.

CSR Initiatives

Our corporate social responsibility project that uses innovative means to enhance less developed countries’ capacity to produce sustainable products.

Bon Café +
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Bon Coffee was launched by Phoenix Satellite TV’s Odyssey of the Dragon television series, and Corporate Social Responsibility Research Foundation (CSRRF).

We choose highest quality coffee beans to make you feel good.

We reveal the stories behind the coffee to show you the wider world.

By choosing Bon Coffee, you can also participate in positive change and help illuminate new life choices and sustainable development paths for people around the world.