SEED Institute

Sustainable Enterprises for Earth and Development Institute
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Building on the cases our production and research teams studied, we announced the establishment of the Sustainable Enterprises for Earth and Development Institute (SEED) of Phoenix Satellite TV in April 2019.

The SEED Institute brings together various institutions and organizations at home and abroad dedicated to sustainable development, and aims to widely share the rigorous research and in-depth analyses of sustainable development. 

With these efforts, we are committed to further promoting and accelerating the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through events, reports and media products. We also work with governments, social organizations and other stakeholders to provide integrated solutions to enterprises.

The Guide
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The SEED Institute collaborates with partners to launch “A Service Guide to Chinese Investment and Cooperation Activities in Foreign Countries (2020)” (The Guide) video series, which features themes covering risks, regulations, culture and others in different industries, regions and markets. The Guide will be broadcasted during Odyssey of the Dragon’s weekly program. Based on The Guide, we also provide customized advisory services on international development, investment and corporate social responsibility strategies along the Belt and Road for enterprises and organizations.

“Going Global” and
“Belt & Road”
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The documentary series was launched in 2016 in the context of China’s “Going Global” and “Belt & Road” Initiative. In the past 4 years, Odyssey of the Dragon has presented over 400 cases in over 80 countries. We both documented stories of Chinese enterprises and individuals venturing overseas in quest of market and development opportunities, and illustrate the motivation and models driving China’s globalization process since its open-up.

Building on these first-hand information and cases, we hope to discuss how the remarkable economic and social transformations will bring new development opportunities to China and the world.

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In the past, we have interviewed a wide range of Chinese centrally-owned and state-owned, including: CRRC, CNPC, BGP of China National Petroleum Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation, China North Industries, Renaissance Fund, China Communications Construction, Sinotrans, China Merchants Group, China Harbour Engineering, COSCO International Holdings, AVIC International, CGCOC Group, China Southern Power Grid, Shenyang Machine Tool, Port of Shanghai, Bank of China (Hong Kong), China Hydropower International, Power China, COFCO, Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture, Zhongce Rubber and others.

Over 100 private companies such as ZTE, Fosun International, Country Garden Group, ZTE Energy, Wanda Group, Wanxiang group, Sany Heavy Industry, Chint Group,  BYD Auto, Haier Group,Foshan Textile Machine, Hunan Human Resources Group, and VSS Security Group have also participated in our program.

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With the advisory committee members and the supporting institutions, Research Institute of Sustainable Enterprises for the Earth and Development (SEED) is building an archive to collect best practice cases of all stakeholders around the world. These cases will be shared and promoted through Phoenix TV’s all-media platform.

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Odyssey of the Dragon Awards are launched by Phoenix TV. The main purpose of the awards is to encourage the Chinese enterprises to facilitate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in the Belt and Road region and build a community of shared interests, destiny and responsibility which enhances economic, social and environmental value in a sustainable way.

“Belt and Road” Best Practice Award rewards the best practice by the Chinese enterprises who made outstanding achievements and contributions in “Belt and Road” countries by facilitating the implementation of the 2030 agenda.

“Belt and Road” Best Communication Award rewards the Chinese enterprises that made excellent achievements in effective communication in the “Belt and Road” region.