About Us

The Odyssey
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The Odyssey is a professional platform initiated by a group of experienced practitioners in media and sustainable development sectors.

The platform aims to:

  • Share knowledge
    Share and promote advanced concepts, operation models and domestic/ international standards concerning sustainable development in the fields of international trade, investment, development assistance and cooperation. The platform aims to record showcases relevant practices through media tools, improve the transparency of social innovation and development projects, and enhance stakeholders’ awareness of sustainable development.
  • Facilitate investment, financing and network building for innovative social impact projects
    Provide development financing, resource-sharing and project design services for enterprises, institutions and individuals that initiate social innovation, international development or corporate social responsibility projects.

Our Approach
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  • The Odyssey Community APP
    An online platform-based community for stakeholders.
  • Odyssey of the Dragon
    Documentary series jointly launched by Phoenix TV, (a leading Chinese commercial television network based in Hong Kong) to record China’s participation in international assistance and economic/trade cooperation.
  • Sustainable Enterprises for Earth and Development Institute (SEED Institute) of Phoenix Satellite TV
    Our research arm that assists Chinese enterprises to launch ESG (environment, society, governance)-based corporate social responsibility projects in overseas investment and operation, thereby helping them both globalize and localize.
  • Bon Cafe +
    Our corporate social responsibility project that uses innovative means to enhance less developed countries’ capacity to produce sustainable products.

Meet the Team

ZHANG Xiaowen


PhD ZHANG Xiaowen, CEO,graduated from GSAPS, Waseda University, Japan. Majoring in international relations, Zhang is also deputy director general of FSCCS, and CEO/Director of Phoenix Odyssey Culture Communications Co.Ltd.   

[email protected]

ZHANG Hongfu

Chief Editor

ZHANG Hongfu, Editor in Chief of Odyssey of the Dragon documentary program, Master of Arts in Literature and Art, who is responsible for planning programs and reviewing all publications.  

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Wanda SIU

Research Director

PhD Wanda SIU, graduated from the University of Minnesota majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Educational Psychology. She is a certified statistician of the Hong Kong Statistical Society, responsible for research in international investment, international cooperation, social impact investment, CSR and green finance.

[email protected]

ZHANG Chenyang

Coordinator of external activities of the Odyssey of Dragon

ZHANG Chenyang, the coordinator of external activities of the Odyssey of Dragon. Acquired Master of Communication and New Media in City University of Hong Kong. She is also the advocate and executor of the Alternative Growing Coffee project in Myanmar of the Corporate Social Responsibility Research Foundation.  

[email protected]


Coordinator of the Odyssey of Dragon

ZHANG Yu, the coordinator of the Odyssey of Dragon, Phoenix TV. He acquired a master’s degree in Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong in 2016. Zhang Yu is now managing projects development and promotions related to The Odyssey.

[email protected]

LI Zitong

Lead researcher, commercial consulting and media planning

LI Zitong received Master of Public Policy and Asia-Pacific Studies and B.A. in Economics from the University of Toronto. She currently leads research, commercial consulting and media planning at Phoenix Odyssey. She has worked in international consultancy, international organization and think tanks, focusing on commercial strategy and research related to Chinese outbound investment, CSR and sustainable business operation.    

[email protected]

ZHU Xuedan

Social Media Operation Officer of the Odyssey of Dragon

ZHU Xuedan, social media operation officer of the Odyssey of Dragon. Bachelor of Engineering, is responsible for the maintenance, operation and cooperation and communication of the program’s social media.

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